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Gracias! Thank You

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Here is a list of people who are helping the project.

Shannon Frances - has organized all of our parties and events.

Jun Dam - helping ​with fund raising and filing our legal documents

Tom Spontelli - managing social media and getting the word out

Enrique Oliou and Anthony Tamayo - recording and editing message for the announcement truck.

Enid Miranda - contributed a mailbox for the site

Garrett Fleischer - Our first webmaster

Laura Ramirez Nieves - an attorney & notary who has generously donated her time

Julia Lebonita - Thanks for getting out notices of upcoming events via social media.

Miriam Juan & Miriam Perez - thanks for helping connect the project to Rincon business and municipal leaders

Stephanie Syson - for showing us the way to create the project.

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